Excellent thinking: Fiat eco:Drive

Fiat has launched one brilliant piece of New Digital concept: Eco:Drive.

    – With eco:Drive you download a program via the internet to your hard drive, put it on to a USB stick and insert the stick on your cars console

    – The program then starts tracking everything you do, analyzes it and puts it back onto the stick

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    – Putting the stick back into your PC uploads the content and gives you feedback on your driving, and how to become more eco-friendly


    – Not only that, but it allows you to become a part of the online Ecoville population, where you can meet like minded “eco-dlians” and together build up a collective score.

This is a brilliant example and excellent implementation of experience branding and Next Generation Participation, on par with Nike+.

And think of all the data this generates for Fiat

. Knowledge never before made accessible to the car manufacturer, which it now can use in order to gain an advantage over competitor car manufacturers.

Via Core77.

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  1. October 12

    very nice. did you see IKEA’s are now reserving parking spaces for ‘hybrid’ cars?

  2. October 13

    Thanks for the tip Paul :o) The beauty with IKEA is that they pull small ideas like that of, where many others shun it as something to small to be valuable.

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