The New Brand Landscape

A new slideshow for an upcoming talk on new opportunities in digital.

View the presentation on The New Brand Landscape.

It’s a collection of thoughts from the last five months, building on three previous presentations: Content Marketing = Brand New marketing, New Digital and Next generation participation.

Three main factors identify the current landscape:

    . The consumers are moving forward (have anything ever stood still?), turning into ubiquitous participants. Nokia is portraying the next generation brilliantly with their advert The 4th Screen

    2. Starting in 2006/2007 and building momentum through 2008, brands and marketers are seeing game changing possibilities present themselves
    . Similar in consequence to what myspace, facebook and youTube did to consumer online participation.

    . Brands missed the first wave in online advertising

    page 23EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENTprior to the advent of sildenafil, oral medications such as viagra online.

    . Sitting on the fence while consumers embraced and taught themselves how to avoid unwanted intrusion. But now there is a second wave, and brands can leap frog the first and be at the forefront of innovation. On the same playing field as the participants.

In part one: We are all Millenials, the presentation sets out to illuminate some of the changes that has taken place during the last eight years. Stating that changes in nine “ideas” during the last years has had such an impact on us that we are all a part of the digital evolution

In part two, I am trying to present some ideas concerning the most important aspects of The New Brand Landscape: Digital is not a silo, Geotility and Spimes, MyMedia, Branded Utility, Arenas and participation.

View the presentation on The New Brand Landscape.

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  1. November 12

    I was wondering where the Sunday update(s) was. This explains it. Great work, as always :)

  2. November 12

    Ha ha :o) You are right, there is a strong tendency towards weekend blogging :o)

    Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. November 13

    Hi Helge !

    I wish university teachers let us do that kind of presentation… Very inspirating work, as always ! congrats

  4. November 13

    Thanks Olivier. I would recommend Garr Reynolds of PresentationZen, Seth Godin, Edward Tufte and Tom Peters to teachers out there :o)

  5. Thiago Delfino
    November 14

    Helge, how are you?

    Here in Brazil, we love you presentation. It’s awesome. It’s help a lot.

    Could you tell me what is that type of font that you use on tha presentation? It’s pretty good to read.

    Best Regards,


  6. November 14

    Hi Thiago, thanks for the comment.

    The font is Kozuka Gothic, I think it came default with my Mac.

    Hope you find it. :o)

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