Universal Profiles, SPIMEs and Communication Medium Opportunities

This is the future:

    . All our social networking profiles melt into one. Creating a universal online identity, knowing more about us than any algorithm in contextual or behavioral advertising ever will
    . (and maybe even more than our parents)

    2. The mobile handset will, subconsciously and consciously use this information together with geo-location and time reference (SPIMES) to control and communicate with the physical world around us. (The physical world will become as interactive as the digital)

    3. Marketers will understand that this doesn’t give us a media channel opportunity for marketing, it presents us with communication medium opportunities. Which means value based marketing will become less about messaging and more about services

    Risk- Systolic Blood Pressure, SBP sildenafil side effects.

    . (Product based, media driven marketing will stay the same though)

That’s a very short and compressed suggestion, inspired by the launch of Facebook Connect which, together with it’s rivals from MySpace and Google, aim to facilitate the first step – the universal collection of personalized data

From TechCrunch, via Mike Parson:

    “But they do want to own the definitive profile for an individual and, more importantly, their social graph. Knowing who you are and who your friends are is the key to their yet-unrealized business model

    And the biggest win of all is this free flow of data back to the social networks, which quite nicely fills out a user’s profile for advertising purposes.”

Illustration via Yanko Design.

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  1. December 3

    Well said. I particularly think #3 is critical – savvy consumers aren’t going to waste time on an experience that doesn’t provide some kind of value to them. (http://www.viget.com/engage/market-like-you-mean-it/)

    Additionally, why do you think “product based, media driven marketing” will stay the same?

  2. December 3

    Hi Ryan, thanks for the comment.

    I believe today’s media driven marketing has its advantages and it will be used when it is the best tool for the job. I’m don’t believe that technologies or opportunities die or disappear, They will find their role based on what they are best at, and continue living, doing the job they do best. :o)

    Thanks again.

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