Is there a lack of ideas on the Social Graph?

I came across yet another explanation of the social graph, this time via the excellent blog Mobile Youth.

Unfortunately it falls into the same trap as previous presentations I’ve found, and doesn’t really give me an interesting look into the new opportunities.

It explains the concept of the graph excellently, but only exemplifies it through old examples that we already enjoy – without the graph
. So where is the innovation?

    “It’s not about setting up shop in social spaces, it’s building brand experiences that embrace the graph.”
    – Alisa Leonard Hansen, iCrossing

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via Julian Cole

Now I do believe in the Social Graph, or especially the concept of the Universal Profiles in connection with SPIMES and Communication Mediums.
. Which I have touched upon slightly in an earlier post.


But I’m looking for the opportunities, and I think we are currently looking in the wrong direction

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As with search, the social graph will become ubiquitous. And all the current examples aren’t. Or maybe I’m just looking in the completely wrong places?

On the other side of the argument, I recommend a video presenting some of the dangers of all this data/collection under ONE owner/mega company
. Old, but still good: Trusted Computing.

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  1. if you note my caveat at the upfront of the deck, this was not an exercise in exhausting the possibilities of the social graph….rather is was to serve as a simplified primer for marketers, since most of them have no clue what you mean when you say “social graph” or “data poratbility”– two things that will increasingly have huge, digital marketing industry-shaping impacts in the next few years….hence the non-innovation (that wasn’t the purpose of the primer).


  2. January 8

    Hi Alisa, thank you for contributing, and correcting me.

    My intention was not using your slideshow as an example on lack of ideas. I included it because it had an excellent explanation on the social graph and it reminded me of a similar point I made earlier:

    The point I was trying to get across was that in all this attention surrounding the social graph there is in general a lack of examples and ideas that truly show it’s potential.

    Re-reading my post I see that it could have been articulated differently. I do apologize.

  3. hi, no problem…i do agree, there is a lack of examples or innovation…generally because the social graph or data portability are still rather unknown concepts (at least within digital marketing). You may hear people discussing it, but upon further discussion its clear they really don’t know what it is, and thus there is not a whole lot of innovative discussions around its potential applications. my own personal utopian view is that an intersection between VRM and Semantic Web will be the ultimate application of our social graphs…with virtual ubiquity of our graph data (that we own and control) across all touch points of the Web could in theory make the entire Web a VRM platform….now I’m just getting ahead of myself and talkin’ nonsense :)

  4. January 9

    Love your contribution. And I hope everything is remote controlled by the handset lying in the pocket or the purse? :o) Talking to the Social Graph on one end and directing the physical (VRM) environment at the other.

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