Techniques for Talking with the Groundswell

I was listening to the Audiobook version of Groundswell this Christmas and surprisingly found the book really useful as an educational tool.

It contains loads of explanations and quality recommendations from two of the most senior Analysts on the topic at Forrester Research, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.

And for that I recommend it to anyone who isn’t already an expert, and of course its a great gift to your best clients.


As an excerpt I thought I’d highlight some thoughts from the book regarding choosing technique for talking with the Groundswell. (freely interpreted by me :o)

    – If your only aim is to get free distribution of marketing or advertising content, do a “viral”.

    – If you want to extend your brand reach but are uncertain of how much you will be able to invest in it, create a social network profile and see how you adopt to it

    – If your company is prepared and set for joining the conversation, start a blog, or blogs

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    . Engage several people from all parts of the company and engage readers through ongoing conversations.

    – If you want full blown engagement with your customers, turning them into participants. And are willing to invest in sharing and participating with them, build a community.

As the book explores these four concepts they become more diluted and nuanced. But they can serve as a good starting point for inexperienced and curious marketers who want to find the right technique for their company.

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  1. January 9

    Glad you enjoyed our book so far. I hope you’ve found listening to 8 hours of me talking to be interesting!

  2. January 9

    Hi Josh, thanks for commenting.
    I assure you that you have a smashing radio voice and listening to it for eight consecutive hours was a delight :o)

    Hope the interpretation of the excerpt was acceptable.

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