12 tips on service design

What can and should designers learn from service design? A long but content rich post over at the Copenhagen Institue of Interaction Design explains it both in details and big letters.

Oliver King, co-founder at Engine has published the slides from his presentation It’s design, but not as they know it on slideshare.net.

In this presentation Oliver draws a line between “traditional” design and service design and calls the bit in the middle “translation”. I’ll let CIID to explain:

    “Service is the act of helping somebody to do something, while design is the process of making something better for somebody. Translation is the challenge of connecting strategy and implementation.”

The presentation also includes twelve tips on service design worth having a look at. Read the blog post on Copenhagen Institue of Interaction Design and find the slideshow on slideshare.net.

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: engineservicedesign engine)

The whole thing via Experentia.

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