Rapid youth, new trends

The two things I love most about youth culture is first their blind fate in the opportunities from, and their adoption of, new trends in information-, communication- and media technology. The second thing is the enormous speed at which this is happening.

Maarten Leyts of Trendwolves has guest written a post on YPulse with a lot if nice data, quotes and some videos.

Two of several very important excerpts from the post:

    “Youngsters’ minds are mostly set upon three things: getting their driver’s license, finding out who they are and their first sexual experience.”

    “The age of friend collecting might soon come to an end as youth’s social networking methods are starting to mature. Quality is overruling quantity, introducing the “cut-the-crap” phase.”

I also nicked a video, visit YPulse for the second one:

European Youth Trend Report 2009 from trendwolves on Vimeo

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