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In an era of customer self-realization and engagement, excellent customer service and technological advantage is not enough. Innovation and development based on generic drivers does…

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We accept new technology as difficult to use – after all, its just technology. We let technology slip through our fingers, we don’t ask enough…

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Due to its narrow formats, traditional advertising relies heavily on the cliché for impact. But online, only tactical advertising makes good use of standardization and…

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The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed. —William Gibson, quoted in The Economist, December 4, 2003 The question we need to…

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Everything human made has at some point been technology. Examples of this are asphalt, waffles, language, pencil, science and the kitchen. Lately we’ve had advances…

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The following text is the manuscript to my presentation The next 80%. View more presentations from Helge Tennø Intro / gap – According to Microsoft…

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The reason large parts of the corporate Internet is boring, difficult and of little direct use / effect is because we are unnecessarily complicating it.…

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This is the video of my Outside – the future is not in front of us presentation at Idejax in Zagreb in May. (Many thanks…

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Has thinking been given the back row seat on the issue of creative thinking? Creativity has to do with originality; imagining something new. So why…

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July 22 /

“Old marketing” is about to take ownership of both customers’ and investors’ imagination and cash flow in the “connected” space. “Free”, “discounts” and “coupons” seem…

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Are we reaching a point were we are continuously stuffing ourselves with content but unable to create anything from it that is original. Is our…

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