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The following text is the manuscript to my presentation The next 80%. View more presentations from Helge Tennø Intro / gap – According to Microsoft…

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October 6 /

In an interesting panel at the Webdagene conference last week, one of the panelists, Erik Hafner Rønjum, wanted a discussion in regards to what “mobile”…

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Availability can not be underestimated, two reasons for this: 1. First, a minor mindset thing: People want to choose their own arenas, not be forced…

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What’s the difference between selling based on product features or selling based on ideas? It is leaving the customer on their own to create the…

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An interview with David Ariely seems to extend the notion that the brain is a “filling in the gaps”-machine Mikrofotografi av levern som visar i…

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May 13 /

Emotions are the unconscious non-rational effect of values and meaning on our ability to create preference and take action. Let me try to explain two…

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