New ideas – it’s all on you…

How do we get new ideas? By hammering down on old insight, trying to figure out a new way of looking at it? Or going straight to the core and finding a completely new way of gathering knowledge? Where do the good ideas start?

In the new environment, with fresh ideas, tailored to new behaviors in a post digital / post-shift media landscape, the core challenge is not to have brilliant disruptive ideas..

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Ideas are the consequence of insight… and insight is the result of harvested knowledge, put back together in a successful way

. The challenge today is on us, on the harvesters and the insight magicians – we need new ways of gathering the first glimpses of knowledge, and news ways of connecting them

If we don’t change the way we gather knowledge and how we connect it, we won’t change the way we think and we won’t change.

Based on the stuff I’ve read and listened to during this last decade (not very scientific :), creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value (Ken Robinson), and ideas are what happens when two or more stored memory fragments in the brain (stuff is stored in fragments – not in videos or novellas) reconnects and creates something new. Now in order for there to be original insight one has to have original fragments, meaning original pieces of knowledge stored around the brain waiting to be picked out by eager ideas.

In a time where the pressure on creativity to contract, expand, change, stay the same and whatever, it all comes down to you – the first spark has as much responsibility to be trenched in originality, maybe more, than anything else – as it shapes the rest of the process.

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  1. February 9

    I’ve enjoyed reading this blog immensely. I consider myself an “idea person”, and there’s not enough thinking about thinking going on. That’s why I find this so refreshing.

    I definitely agree that there’s a certain spark of originality that occurs when a new idea happens. Is that spark a new fragment, like you claim? Or is it the moment when two old fragments connect in a new way?

  2. February 9

    Hi Nathan, thanks for chipping in. :)
    I agree with you, a new idea is shaped when two existing fragments connect, but it is our job to make sure that these fragments are fresh and updated, not old and “the same”.

    Best :)

  3. Tommyismyname
    February 16

    In a world that allows us to consume information in fragments, it then becomes the job of the creative professional to take in as much as possible, then meditate. It’s amazing what kind of stuff comes up!

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