Step Two: Connect Everything Else

In the 90’s we focused on connecting computers, then there was connecting mobiles, but for the next decade, we will be working on connecting things

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– The long awaited presentation by Rafi Haladjian of Violet on Picnic – explaining The Internet of Things has finally been published on Vimeo.

I’ve picked out some quotes and added the video below (or watch it on vimeo)

    “We have a very simple strategy at violet that says, it’s a two step strategy:
    – step one: connect rabbits
    – step two: connect everything else”

    “Keving Kelly said we have 8000 objects in our home, we have only five of them connected. So the remaining job is to conenect the other 7995 objects.”

    “The Internet of Things inescapable, it”s simply going to happen”

Rafi Haladjian at PICNIC08- Commercial Collaborations: Tools, Things and Toys from PICNICCrossmediaweek on Vimeo.