The Secret to Success

Back in January Honda and W+K published a wonderful film called Failure: The Secret to Success as a part of their Dream the Impossible documentary series. This is one of a long line of quotes, articles or stories celebrating people who go beyond what is calculable and into uncertainty – often with the result of failure.

    “embrace excellent failures, punish mediocre successes” – Adlai Stevenson

There thing I sense all these publications try to teach us regarding risk and failure, apart from the fact that it is about learning, is that the risk takers aren’t just doing something to be “new” or different

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. They do it because they believe in something
. Something their hunch tells them is the right thing but rationality, science or experience can’t prove.

Which is important since we are moving into new territories every week, and need to continuously ask ourselves – is this something we believe in, or is it just “new”.

Visit the site: or view the film below.

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