Context, Arenas, Utilities and Convergence

Our new digital abilities has opened up a whole new kind of marketing

. I’ve previously called this both content marketing, situation marketing and even activity based advertising

. But have after a rummage through my mac dictionary ended up with the slightly inexplanatory term Context marketing.

Context marketing is two directions of marketing: Collaboration and Utilities, and the convergence of them – which is where all the really juicy stuff happens :o)

I want to try to explain this by adding this slideshow, I find it incredibly difficult to not go into this mumbo jumbo kind of merry go round, so I kept it as short and precise as I could.

To sum it up in one sentence:

    “it’s about earning ownership of the experience where your products are used and brands are shaped.”

Hopefully it it presents some valuable ideas, and inspire some new ones
. Please let me know

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  1. March 31

    Great site. Thanks for all the great articles & efforts you have done. Keep going!

  2. March 31

    thx Borabora.
    Appreciate that :o)


  3. March 31


    You’ve definitely hit upon some key ideas around conversation and content and what it means to create them within the context of what users value and how it can help them connect. I believe is that all content is valuable to someone out there. Even if it is only just one person, value has been created, and who knows what that someone will do with your content? And if brands own the experience its up to them to provide tools to make all social functions useful: Participation, content creation, shariing, etc

    All of this requiring brands to become enablers of everything you’ve just mentioned in your presentation. Great work :o

  4. April 1

    Thanks for adding more value to it David. And of course Henry Jenkins has to go in here as well – don’t create your own conversations, ad value to existing ones.

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