Long-Term Generous Marketing

It’s been the focus on this blog now for some weeks, that in order for the marketers to understand the new marketing landscape one needs to understand that we are no longer interrupters of media channels, but participants adding value to existing conversations and activities.

We are about to do something different – and in this context we have to understand that our goal is to be meaningful and loved, important and anticipated…


Seth Godin wrote a post on his blog today pointing out the same thing, and articulating it in his more direct and down to earth kind of way

. Well worth the short read:

    “Selfish short-sighted marketers ruined it for all of us
    . The only way out, I think, is for a few marketers to so overwhelm the market with long-term, generous marketing that we have no choice but to start paying attention again.” – Seth Godin, Poisoning the well.

In this setting, Baker Tweet by poke, posted around the web yesterday, is a brilliant example showing that this mindset isn’t limited to medium sized or large companies, it’s ideas that should affect and inspire everyone

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BakerTweet from BakerTweet on Vimeo


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