Demographics presupposes people are listening ALL the time.

Segmenting target groups by demographics replicates the traditional mindset that customers could be interested in our brand and our products ALL the time
. This limited take on the complexity and richness of the human persona might be even less fertile today.

As our marketing activities are moving inside the situation where our products are meaningful, demographics is adding less and less useful insights to the process.

Demographics presupposes that our messaging is important to people throughout the day and in every situation their in. That if someone is in the most likely demographic category to clean the house they could be persuaded to think about cleaning the house all the time.


When it comes to digital marketing and understanding how and why people do stuff, concepts like Indi Young’s Task Based Audience Segmentation are becoming increasingly important for advertisers and marketers – as they already are for UX specialists and Information Architects

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In order to become better digital marketers we need to understand that labeling people isn’t as important as discovering and exploring the things they do and the people they do them with.

This is relevant to the content in this slideshow published last year, a collection of quotes and anecdotes collected on the “state” of market research.

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