Social Media is just as much about SHARING as about participation

Social Media is not only about participating in conversations

. It’s as much about giving participants something to converse about.


First; the Social Media discussion is often about brands needing to be “out there”, participating with customers and ambassadors

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. But as Henry Jenkins states; we should focus more on facilitating existing conversations than building our own

Secondly; Microsoft 3 Screens report states that when people talk online, it’s often about shared content
. And in this context brands are extremely important as they are the owners of valuable content. So Marketing becomes more than telling your story, it turns into handing over your data so that customers can use it to tell their own story and help yours grow.


In context of Social Media brands are the ground keepers of enormous amounts of valuable data and the only thing people ask for is access.

Social Media invites companies to participate, but it’s even more important to understand that it’s about sharing.


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  1. April 21

    Hence why it also proves the statement ‘content is king’ still stands and that it’s not being replaced by ‘conversation is king, content is just what we talk about’ like Cory once stated. It is not ‘just’ what we talk about, we need it to have a conversation to begin with. Companies need to understand indeed it’s not just about being there to comment or reply, they need to provide content, share things to make it really valuable.

    – Kris

  2. April 25

    Hi Kris
    Thank you for commenting and I apologize for the late reply.

    I totally agree with your last point, that companies need to explore and discover their role is in social media. Is it being an active voice or enabling theft, or both:

    But I think your first point, which is a very nice articulation of the concept, has to be seen as more nuanced. If it’s the conversation or the content that is king is dependent of the situation where the company is trying to generate value.

    In my mind we are expanding our toolbox, but as we are doing this it is important not to remove any of the other ideas that are already in there. With a well fitted toolbox we will be in the best position to solve the challenge we are met with. If it’s conversations, content, messaging, collaboration or a combination of them all :o)


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