The Mobile Eco-System

In Kevin Slavin’s presentation “This Platform Called Everyday Life” he puts an excellent perspective on the mobile media plan

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. Saying that the most interesting thing with mobile is not the ONE object, it’s not communication between people, it’s stuff. And how people connect to stuff.

    “Here’s your fucking mobile media plan, it’s a sneaker and a ball and a plant and a truck and a shark” – Kevin Slavin

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His point being that increasingly our everyday objects will have a form of “intelligence” being able to communicate with us in some way enforcing it’s utility
. What we as marketers need to understand, is that a mobile strategy is not about being accessible through an application on the iphone, it’s about helping consumers connect to stuff in the real world. “Mobile as a term is just a reference to an eco-system that phones are a part of..”

This is very much in line with Rafi Haladjian’s message in his talk at Picnic in September:

    “Kevin Kelly said we have 8000 objects in our home, we have only five of them connected. So the remaining job is to connect the other 7995 objects.”

Kevin Slavin just put some more perspective on this as he states:

    “You think it’s people to people, but when it gets really interesting is when it’s people to stuff.”


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