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I’ve been invited to do a five minute presentation on Context at Paris 2.0 this Tuesday
. Working my way through the script I decided to put the whole thing into the presentation and upload it. Love to get some feedback on this before Tuesday :o) Thank you in advance.

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The script:

    The immersion of digital stuff, making the accessibility of media-, communication- and social technology almost ubiquitous, has led to a behavioral change in our everyday lives

    – (it will mean so more next year, and more the year after that) – Kevin Slavin…

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    This is interesting, not because we think this means that marketers can reach people all the time, they can’t, but because people can reach marketing all the time, which is much more significant.

    Brands now have the opportunity to be reached, by people, when people want to.

    This turns marketing up side down….

    Marketers used to be the people that reached the people (the customers), now the people (as participants) are the ones who reach marketers.

    The great shift is this:
    When marketers were controlling the situation, marketing was done blindly through media channels, affecting people’s anticipation of a situation outside the situation itself, manipulating their feelings about it. We were telling people how to feel at a point in time when they didn’t feel anything. (Who cares about shaving while enjoying a 2pm break from boring work routines?)

    Today marketing is accessible inside the situations, so the job changes.

    When marketing exists inside situations the brand’s own story is irrelevant, the experience itself will always be stronger.

    (why would I stop doing what I’m doing just to listen to your version of what I’m experiencing right now?).

    Marketers stories become irrelevant inside situations because they are different from peoples own stories.

    So marketing changes …

    The only reason for people to access marketing inside situations is because they gain something valuable.

    And if marketers can’t tell their own story, the goal becomes making the participants story better.

    So how do you make it better?

    By understanding the context, and adding value to it.

    This is the new marketing economy:
    The goal of marketing is not to win the battle of stories (as is the case for traditional media marketing), but to understand the abilities, emotions and activities of a situation – the context – and add deliberate value to it. Making it better, becoming indispensible as a value provider, and gaining ownership to people through direct relations with them over time…

    To understand this we need to accept that products are worthless. And only become valuable as they are introduced to a situation where they are relevant. That brands aren’t product providers, but value providers, something they have always been – marketing has only spent its time distracting our focus from this and done its most to become unwanted.

    Products are worthless:
    A toothbrush is worthless outside its context, taking up much needed space in the bathroom, but when it comes to tooth hygiene, it becomes indispensible.

    The New Marketing economy says that the context is larger than the product, much larger, and that marketing is about increasing the value of this context – and growing the context itself.

    As Whirpool found when they went on to increase their value by launching a podcast about the American family – not talk about their home appliances..

    Or Fiat as they use personal environmental initiatives to create value – not brag about their car.

    Or Wasa, as they help you get a nutritious breakfast – not sell their delicious bread/cracker things.

    Or BakerTweet – making sure you enjoyed the product in its best possible context – when it’s steaming hot…

    Brands need to see themselves as value creators, adding value to contexts where their value is appreciated and needed. They need to investigate and explore these contexts, surrounding their brand and products, and take ownership of them.

    The next marketing arena isn’t similar formats in similar media, it’s becoming the most valuable brand inside the experience surrounding the product and the brand.

    The marketing currency is not about attention, interruption or interest. It’s about creating deliberate value. Building direct relationships and great marketing through connected services, utilities, arenas and stuff.

    The new Marketing economy is about understanding context and adding deliberate value

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  1. September 23

    nice, helge. I particularly like how context is much larger than before and where the opportunity lies.


  2. September 23

    Hi Paul, thanks for adding a comment.

    I think I have the same favorite, this quote from the presentation:

    “the context is larger than the product, much larger, and that marketing is about increasing the value of this context – and growing the context itself.”

    It presents context as a great opportunity, something more than just being a new “platform”.

    Thanks again

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