Seven actionable marketing trends

My six guidelines / marketing trends have received a lot of positive feedback. As someone described it: “A very tangible and actionable list for digital marketing activities” – focusing on leveraging new consumer/media/digital trends.

As a result I wanted to publish it as an own slideshow, a small checklist or inspirational document in case anyone wanted to enjoy it, download it, print it or share it without all the other stuff in the original presentation surrounding it (and with an additional bonus guideline).

In addition to this I’m also thinking of doing the opposite – expanding it, into a more content rich presentation. Including more insights to create a bigger understanding of why each guideline is

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. And making it more tangible by presenting some known and lesser known examples proving each point.

Inspired by Godin, who said that in the future Amazon will act as a crowd sourced publisher, where if enough people list themselves as buyers of a future novel by a specific writer, Amazon will commission this novel, sell it and distribute it.

So what I am suggesting is that if enough people add a comment to this post, or send me a mention/tweet via @congbo. I will put together the larger presentation and hopefully create a piece of content that would be valuable too both colleagues and clients, planner and brands, marketers and executives.

I’m aiming for about 50 in total, so please comment or tweet if you want it all.

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  1. Katrien Van Den Broecke
    November 27

    Hi Helge,

    I would be very interested to see your expanded version of these seven trends. Did an appeal on twitter to vote for the expanded version.

  2. November 27

    Thanks Katrien :o) I’m really looking forward to seeing how many comments or mentions the presentation gets. I think 50 is quite a tall order, bit we will see :o) Thanks for adding your vote to the jar.


  3. trondho
    November 27

    Certainly would seem a very valuable addition

  4. November 27

    Would definitely be interested in seeing the expanded version. Clients, marketers, agencies all should see it. I’ll do my best to rally to get the 50.

  5. November 27

    Good stuff. Would love to see the un-packed a bit more via a longer presentation.

  6. November 27

    Would love to see an extended deck as your mindset makes sense to me. i stumbled upon your site via an alert on google for “consumer trends” so hopefully 40 or so others might find you too!

  7. November 27

    Excellent, thanks for all the feedback. It looks like I should be looking forward to a small workathon on this in the near future :o)


  8. November 28

    Juicy stuff! It would be really useful for a lot of people to have a larger, more elaborate deck.

  9. Raimundo Vazquez
    November 28

    An extended version would be a very valuable resource.


  10. @RaynaNyc
    November 28

    I always find your presentations fascinating and thought provoking, and would be interested in seeing this one as well. Curious — did you narrow it down to Seven (meaning were there more trends you observed)?

  11. November 29

    I think that’s a great idea. I hope you get your required 50 comments/hopefuls before you decide to do this. Looking forward to it!

  12. @krcraft
    November 29

    I’d love to see the extended version. I especially agree with point #5.

  13. November 29

    Thanks for all the request people :o) It seems 50 isn’t that far of with the comments in here combined with slideshare and twitter :)

    @Raynanyc: It was originally six, and I extended it to seven with the “imagination” slide. There could probably be a thousand, but I stopped at seven so as to make it a bit more consumable.

    If one is into lists Mobile Youth and Graham Brown published a brilliant slide deck some months ago on 50 youth marketing keywords:


  14. November 29

    I’d love to see the expanded version of this presentation. I am particularly interested in pt#3. pt#6 was ‘penny just dropped’ moment for me, so thanks very much for that Helge :)

  15. November 29

    Hey Helge,

    Would be great to see a more expanded version. Always curious to your views so this one should be interesting as well.


  16. November 30

    An expanded version would be much appreciated here in San Francisco. I’ll probably send some planning students to it, or even present it in classes. Thanks so much for sharing.


  17. StuartB
    December 1

    Another great deck – powerful thoughts in great visual chunks. Start working on the expanded version already!

  18. December 1

    i like the way you present your ideas; so fluent and effective ! couldn’t wait to see the expanded version…

    thank you very much,

  19. December 2

    As with all your presentations, I love it. Both visually stunning and content rich. I would love to see an extended version of this presentation and would be interested in you expanding on some of the points.
    Thanks for sharing all these inspiring thoughts!

  20. Jornemac
    December 2

    The exbanded version would be nice – here’s my vote.


  21. December 6

    Seriously brilliant and insightful. Would love to see the longer version!

  22. December 6

    Thanks for all the feedback and request for a larger version. My 50 requests goal has been reached and I will start with the expanded version straight away (but please allow some time :).

    Blog: 20
    Twitter: 20
    Slideshare: 12

    Thank you all for pitching in.

    Best regards

  23. isabella
    February 18

    vet at du har nådd dine 50 (det var et beskjedent mål), men når du lager en utvidet versjon vil jeg gjerne se den. elsker bildene, tekstene, tankene bak og undrer meg hvorfor så få klarer å utnytte all den innsikten.

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