The future brands we want to connect to

– Participants are getting more and more annoyed by interruption.
– And better and better at avoiding it. (link)
– Technology is presenting a new range of opportunities. (link)
– Customer usage patterns are evolving. (link)
– And the focus on the understanding of culture as the driver for innovation is becoming more and more prominent. (link)

The traditional interruption model is bound to get less and less of the enormous marketing budgets
. The reason is that there is growing competition in the market for alternative ways of connect with consumers and interruption is going from THE PLACE TO BE, to just a small role. (As radio went from holistic usage to a defined role at the advent of TV)

Where is the money going? Straight into activities and experiences. Two things:

1. Marketers are creating marketing activities that engage participant in the “use” moment of the brands and products. This is new turf. Traditionally we produce products and leave the customer alone to experience it. Then we pray for the experience of the “use” to be favorable to the brand so that we achieve loyalty.

What we are doing now is not only caring more and more about the “use” experience of the product, but also creating that experience.

In order to:
– Expand control of “the most important point of marketing”.
– Learn from the participant.
– Be a stronger part of the experience.
– Creating more unique brands closer connected to it’s customers.

2. As Chris Anderson both brings us The Long Tail and Free, the possibility to identify niches in the customer base, identifying their culture and needs, the possibility for the brand to expand from it’s initial product-base service to a more services based structure cost less to nothing (:o)

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If the Brand Mantra of a chain of cosmetics is” to make people prettier”, why only limit oneself to selling products in a store (and using interruption marketing to get them there). Why not expand, create services, be ominous, holistic? Marketing needs to breath the Mantra, not only support to sell it.

I believe this is where we are going, and the advertiser in this case is extremely important. Because brands favor from being constructed by excellent marketers and brand managers, but the spark, the personality, the ONE BIG ESSENTIAL IDEA that gives the brand it’s uniqueness and effect – that is created by storymakers, and implemented into every nook and cranny of the marketing machinery in order to remain remarkably consistent and identifiable.

The future of advertising is marketing. We need unique unexpected stories and one can’t calculate oneself into greatness. We need creatives turning the written score of a brand maestro into vivid, authentic music people want to connect to.