Our needs and desires

After waiting for way to long to read the astonishing book ”Made to stick” by Chip and Dan Heath I finished it all in just under four days (that’s how magnetic it is :o). Definitely is a recommended read!

In addition to their SUCCES Mantra, one of the important parts in the book is the reciting of Abraham Maslow’s list of the needs and desires that people try to fulfill.

NOTE: Chip and Dan’s point is that there is no hierarchy – as Maslow claims, the needs and desires are equally important and can by themselves prove to be the ONE thing a communicator needs to address in order to achieve one’s goals:

1. Transcendence: help others realize their potential.

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. Self-actualization: realize your own potential, self-fulfillment, peak experiences

3. Aesthetic: symmetry, order, beauty, balance.
4. Learning: know, understand, mentally connect
. Esteem: Achieve, be competent, gain approval, independence, status
6. Belonging: love, family, friends, affection
7. Security: protection, safety, stability
8. Physical: hunger, thirst, bodily comfort