The Creative Exploration of Data

A brands ability to collect and utilize data will be one of it’s most powerful abilities in the future.

And we are not talking about the Dumb Demographics, we are talking about the traces people leave in your and others system

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. And applying creativity in order to discover new possibilities based on what’s available.

This is nothing new, Nike ID and Volkswagen amongst many others have buildt systems and solutions in order to feed data back to the R&D labs for several years

But listening to the likes of artist Aron Koblin (New York Talk Exchange) and Ben Cerveny of Stamen Design at Picnic made the whole thing sound so beautiful. And hopefully opened some eyes to the endless possibilities


The research collected online is regarded as very valuable, one of many reasons being the context the contributor of the data is in. No pressure regarding time, questioner or moderator creates an atmosphere of truthfulness. And no direct questions leaves out the problem of demanding answers the contributor has no answer to.

As Peter Cooper and John Pawle, researching Lovemarks, writes in the book The Lovemarks Effect:

    “The beta test fieldwork was conducted entirely online. Our experience shows that computer self-completion interviewing has many advantages
    . Without an interviewer present, respondents feel more spontaneous, honest and willing to explore sensitive issues.”
    – Peter Cooper and John Pawle

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