Coming aroud and adopting the New/old rules of online marketing: 1:1, viral and engagement

Stop trying to bludgeon your customers to death with unmotiated text and imagery.  The time for richer experiences on the net is finally here, and I strongly recommend evaluating the possibilities.
Bizreport has two articles talking about the future of online marketing:

In the first article  based on a report from Adotas the focus is the importance of 1:1 and viral campaign elements in future marketing strategies
. Consumers are not as skeptical any longer to the medium (internet) and the time is ripe for the use of more effective ways of communicate

. (read article on bizreport)

The second study, the Annual Online Customer Engagement Report, bases it’s finding on interviews with business professionals.  90 percent of which said engaging the customers was essential
. 42 percent intended to use consumer generated contentish campaigns and 35 % considered starting a videocast

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. (read article on Bizreport)

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