Augmented Reality Mini World Premiere

Augmented Reality is, as with everything else, already here

. An ad for the MINI Convertible 09, on the back of the Auto Bild magazine, demonstrates the opportunities. Found on the Augmented Reality Blog, for everyone interested in AR – this is a blog to watch.

Personally I do agree with others who present the opportunities with AR as far outgrowing the example show above

. Combine it with a mobile, camera, GPS and a compass and it gets even grander:

But it’s all brand and category related, and I can definitely see the “Mini” application implemented in a range of environments and contexts where it will prove for great edutainment and “commutainment” and most definitely value for customers

3 4 5and may be sold over-the-counter (without prescription) What is sildenafil?.


(Commutainment = communication+entertainment, Microsoft Terminology I just learned :o)

For a lot of brands, from cars, to travel, to FMCG, the Mini should be inspiring in and of itself:

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