Augmented Reality

January 17 /
October 25 /
July 9 /

This last year has seen logarithmic changes in marketing, fueled by different concepts like Utilities, AR, The Collective Exchange of Ideas, Transmedia, Digital becoming ubiquitous,…

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March 19 /

Some really nice work on augmented reality gaming by Frantz Lasorne. via Yanko and @zacma “With augmented reality, designers can build games that draw elements…

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March 12 /

If anyone hasn’t seen their stuff by now, these guys are definitely the ones to watch . Experimenting with their expert knowledge in flash combined…

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March 11 /
March 8 /

In desperate need of inspiration? Head over to the Razorfish – Emerging Experiences Vimeo channel to catch some great projects on the Surface table (and…

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February 20 /

Pranav Mistry of MIT demoes the new Sixth Sense wearable computer system taking us both one step closer to the Minority Report and one step…

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February 2 /
December 17 /
November 30 /

“Real space is a new interface to the Internet.” The Sekai Camera “ups” it one more notch. As the name of the app suggests, Sekai…

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November 2 /

In a promo for, Julien Vallèe designs a 2D/3D computer graphics video which is a real inspiration to the possibilities within augmented gaming for…

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October 26 /
September 28 /

Watching Tomas ALB’s presentation on the augmented reality projects their doing at his company metaio really set of some interesting sparks regarding the possibilities this…

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