12 tips on service design

What can and should designers learn from service design? A long but content rich post over at the Copenhagen Institue of Interaction Design explains it both in details and big letters.

Oliver King, co-founder at Engine has published the slides from his presentation It’s design, but not as they know it on slideshare.net

In this presentation Oliver draws a line between “traditional” design and service design and calls the bit in the middle “translation”
. I’ll let CIID to explain:

    “Service is the act of helping somebody to do something, while design is the process of making something better for somebody
    . Translation is the challenge of connecting strategy and implementation.”

The presentation also includes twelve tips on service design worth having a look at
. Read the blog post on Copenhagen Institue of Interaction Design and find the slideshow on slideshare.net

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The whole thing via Experentia.

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