Life in Constant Beta

This has been around a bit, but I thought I’d just joing the choir and share my appreciation for some of Bruce Nussbaum’s thoughts in his article “”Innovation” is Dead. Herald The Birth of “Transformation” as The Key Concept for 2009.” on Business Week


My fascination isn’t necessarily with his title point, that we are in an age of Transformation, not Innovation. But rather many of his arguments for it, which carry quite a few good points
. I’ve pulled out some excerpts here:

    “Transformation” captures the key changes already underway and can help guide us into the future. It implies that our lives will increasingly be organized around digital platforms and networks that will replace edifices and big organizations

    The concept of “Transformation” takes these changes much further
    . It implies radical transformation of our systems—education, health-care, economic growth, transportation, defense, political representation

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    . It puts the focus on people, designing networks and systems off their wants and needs
    . It relies on humanizing technology, not imposing technology on humans. It approaches uncertainties with a methodology that creates options for new situations and sorts through them for the best quickly.

    In the past, economic value was generated by transaction. Increasingly, economic value is generated through interactions. The key is monetizing those interactions. That’s the heart of an economy built on social media.

Another of his points, which I have borrowed in my title, is that life is in constant beta. This is an excellent articulation of a point which I am trying to make in my slideshow on the new marketing landscapes. That evolution never stops. We are not heading towards an endpoint, but ALWAYS on our way towards the next change


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