Relevance AND/OR Accessibility


As we are expanding our strategies to include services and experiences Accessible becomes as important a part of the strategy as Relevant has been for messaging.

With accessible I’m thinking of context related, cross-platform, availability:

    First of all, services only need to be available in the context when they are needed. This means the computer monitoring the well-being of your car only needs to talk to you when you are in the car. Which again means on start-up, shut-down or when something urgently needs your attention.

    Secondly I know the iPhone is popular right now, but what about mirroring those applications onto the Nokia, Samsung og Sony-Ericsson via technologies like Flash Lite? There is a growing number of services only available to participants on one mobile platform.

    Third, spread the service across a range of platforms, depending on the nature of each part of the service. Some activities are perfect for the mobile interface, others demand larger screens or more complex interactions

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    . Participants don’t care about platforms, only agencies and marketers do :o)

    Fourth, avoid feature creep
    . If it is only nice to have, it probably isn’t.

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