Data, Sensing and the Social Object


Data aspires to become one of marketers greatest assets in the collaborative marketing landscape: Identifying the participants social object and then exploring ways to “feed” the object by finding data and making it accessible and remixable

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This is what’s been happening in projects from eco:drive to Radiohead Remix

I’ve just found that Nokia has done a great deal of work regarding this (via Putting People First), in a concept they call Sensing (Download pdf)

Nokia is discovering how to utilize the mobile handset as a sensory object. Which means millions of sensors, traveling the world, collecting all kinds of data to be used in anything, an inspiring read for people who believe in data
. From the report.:

    “We have an insatiable desire to make sense of the world around us
    . How do we best observe and record the details of time, nature, location, events, and our own personal experiences? How can we understand the interactions among data and utilize them with intelligence and responsibility

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