Authentic and humoristic copywriting

It’s almost become a standard that web2.0 startups or internet service companies ad a personal tone on their descriptive texts around their website/application

. This has won (i’m guessing) thousands of positive remarks and blogposts


ÅsnesIs this going to be the standard on other kinds of webpages as well, or are traditional companies taking themselves to seriously?

An example from the Norwegian ski producer Åsnes site (thx Bjørn for the link) shows that it is not unlikely that this will take on a wider appeal:

“For dei som ikkje skal ha joggepinnar, er dette lette turski med stålkant slik at ein kjem seg ned att på skapeleg vis, utan å bli heilt skjelven i beina

Erectile Dysfunction is a symptom based on the patient’stherapeutic course. Prior to direct intervention, good sildenafil citrate.

. Ein må stadig minna Nordmenn på at me ikkje bur i Danmark. Går du oppoverbakke så må det gå ned att ein gong!”

(it dowsn’t translate very well, but it’s funny :o)

Both Jacki Huba, Ben McConnell and Barry Schwartz are talking a lot about authenticity and the positive effects this has on consumers seeking non authorative companies to admire and fall in love with (or just purchase from and recommend to others. Authentic text tells stories people relate to way more than text optimized for selling. And if you can do it with a smile as well people will be more open to being persuaded.

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