The Norwegian facebookers

An article in Aftenposten (print edition) summarizes a very interesting Norwegian survey concerning how below 30-year olds use The Facebook

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  1. Classmates and childhood friends top the friendlists, in front of family and siblings.
  2. To keep in contact with people who already know their story is important.
  3. The most attractive feature is the ability to watch other peoples images and friends.
  4. 21% have received romantic messages, 15% say they can use The Facebook to flirt more than usual.
  5. People both like to publish pictures of themselves at the same time the most negative aspect is that they get to exposed.
  6. 51% have between 100 and 300 friends, 36% between 21 and 100.
  7. The friendlist is uses as a kind of popularity barometer.
  8. It’s much easier to keep oneselves updated
    . Events pop up automatically.
  9. 33% of men and 29% of women visit a coupl of times a week. 43% of men and 49% of women between 10 minutes and 1 hour a day.

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