Consumer trends of 2008


Another thorough briefing from Trendwatching sums up 8 trends for 2008

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Althouh I just want to recommend going over to their site and reading it, there are a lot of focus on online related trends and subtrends
. A few:

  1. Online sphere  – “social status is all about who you connect to and who wants to connect to you, tribal-style”.
  2. Snack Culture – media/online, snack o’ tainment.
  3. SEE_HEAR_BUY – another offshoot of the Snack Culture where it meets “Instant gratification”.
  4. Online Ocygen – “control-craving consumers needing online access as much as they need oxygen.”
  5. E-commerce The Sequel – “collaborative filtering, 2.0, upselling and cross selling, establishin offline utposts for your online brand, real-world pickup services, luxury e-tailing, group buying services and more.”
  6. Nethoods – “nichification based on interest, background, affiliaton, hobbies, travel destination.”
  7. Make-it-yourself – Creatives from Generation C creating and distributing.
  8. Crowd Mining – “a moniker for how we see crowd-based business concepts evolving in 2008”

So, click here and go read it.

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