Smart Marketing Comes First

Seth Godin points it out wonderfully in this short post on products and marketing.

    In fact, just about every successful product or service is the result of smart marketing thinking first, followed by a great product that makes the marketing story come true

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    If someone comes to you with a ‘great’ product that just needs some marketing, the game is probably already over.


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  1. Vegard
    February 5

    I think it really depends on what you mean about smart marketing thinking and a “great product”. Great products today are often results of a design thinking strategy with focus on user needs, wants and behavior. I think you have to be really smart to come up with something that will sell the product better.

  2. February 5

    Hi Vegard, thanks for contributing.

    I think Seths point is what you are pointing out yourself, understanding a [known or unknown] desire or need [inside a given situation]. But adding to the whole thing how the marketing abilities of this situation is, before trying to explore the opportunities for the product.

    In other words, find your “space” first, make sure it’s marketable, and how. And then start design thinking your product.


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