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Just wanted to link to the presentation on Nike+ by Michael Tchao, General Manager of Nike Techlab, from Picinic 08′

mentioned, affordability is a prime factor in influencing What is sildenafil? • “Could you describe your sexual problem?”.


For anyone certain that the Nike+ case isn’t relevant to smaller, non-global brands

. These 23 minutes will hopefully change your mind, as Michael discloses a lot of the thoughts and ideas that in the end led to the Nike+ phenomenon.

Michael Tchao at PICNIC08: Commercial Collaborations: Tools, Things and Toys from PICNICCrossmediaweek on Vimeo.

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  1. February 5

    Great video and it scares me that some people might need to see this to finally appreciate how this kind of approach and thinking might be relevant to them, regardless of their size.

  2. February 5

    Hi Rob, I do agree, I do agree.

    It’s all about looking behind the brand and seeing all the things they did and thoughts they had. And figuring out how this might apply/transfer to your situation.

    Thanks for contributing.


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