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Recent developments in the architecture of markets could end up putting companies in a situation they haven’t trained for: Having to compete for customers, not against competitors. Will this…

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Companies aren’t disrupted, components in the value chain are.  Disruption is either the consequence of new technology, business models or changes in customers demand patterns. Teams need a tool…

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When writing short summaries for up-coming talks I often find myself articulating a broad range of ideas in a very dense space. Forcing out new…

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The digital economy will become the outcome economy – outcome as in the quantifiable output the company’s offerings help produce on the customer side. In…

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Customers are becoming an increasingly important strategic asset for companies (1). This complicates things; because managerial theory and practice have told companies for decades to keep…

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April 22 /

New technology invites companies to create, accommodate and capitalize on changes in customer behavior – through new revenue streams or increased customer life time value.…

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April 22 /

Digitizing every customer interaction introduces troves of sparkling new opportunties for companies. Don’t just carbon copy the old customer relationship thinking – go to town…

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