Mobile Abilities Map Presentation

Mobile is at the forefront of representing a completely new way of thinking about marketing.

But in order to understand this we need to look beyond the SMS and the text voting, and start exploring the real potential of the platform

Since the Mobile Abilities Map pdf, published two weeks ago, has received a great deal of interest

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. I thought it would be a good resource to readers if I collected and published my inspiration and ideas to each topic. Hopefully getting some inspirational juice flowing.

– I’ve added links to each resource on slides where this was possible.

I hope people appreciate the presentation, and continue sharing great links on their own blogs (and link back here) or in the comments section on this blog.

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  1. October 25

    Really great stuff Helge… keep it coming!!! Cheers Gerd

    PS: check out my videos on mobile content at – looks like we kinda think alike;)

  2. October 26

    Thanks Gerd. Seems like your tube-channel is full of good content:

  3. October 26

    Helge: I think you nailed the value chain portion of this. More fantastic stuff, truly.

  4. October 27

    Thanks Ian :o) Please ad any additional links or stuff that would enrich the presentation.


  5. October 3

    dear helge,

    your documents are great. it feels so good to read them and realize that there are people that think the same and are as passionated.

    thanks a lot!

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