“Only in Digital” abilities list

Digital is by some perceived as “marketing on sale”, maybe due to it’s lack of tangibility, “newness” or failing ability to show it’s potential as the common way of perceiving new stuff is through the lens of old stuff.

But online marketing seems to finally be outgrowing the display/message based advertising frame- and mindset

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. Starting to see an increased focus on deliberate, value adding services, accessibility and social interaction
. In this context digital will and should become the most important interface between brands and participants and ergo the willingness to increase investment should hopefully be inevitable.

Digital marketing and advertising, and by that I mean EVERYTHING digital, should be your most expensive endeavor, and the reason is it’s abilities.

This is a short “Only in Digital” abilities list:

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In the traditional brand and communication mindset brands have been thought that they are unwanted and intrusive, but this is not true. Brands and products create immense value in peoples lives, with digital they have been given the opportunity to add to this value through meaningful and deliberate action.

This is an invitation to start believing in your brand communications again…

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  1. March 29

    Love it Helge.

    We need to push hard that digital is a fundamentally unique environment, and ripe if you respect it in this way.

  2. March 29

    Appreciate the “love” Bud :o)

    I find digital more and more different from traditional message based advertising – but am in desperate need to identify and define the differences so that I can focus on the products (and find the right people). Wanted to put together some thoughts in this slideshow in order to get one step closer to that goal.

    Glad you liked it.


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