Digital didn’t change anything, but everything digital changed.

The first ten years of digital was (to a large extent) the same siloed ideas that we’d already been exploiting for decades on other content and messaging transportation infrastructures (media). It was a carbon copy.

It is only in the last 2-4 years something interesting and revolutionary has surfaced through the emergence of social media (the collective exchange of ideas) and digital utilities.

This creates a new currency for marketing online, not replacing traditional advertising / messaging but competing for the same budget and offering a completely different set of returns.

Since posting this presentation two days ago, I’ve added some ideas to it, relating to Time and Direct Relationships

(most of the time) and complete ED (all the time) (5) . The viagra pill – Systolic Blood Pressure, SBP.


Apologies for re-posting, but this is the conclusion to my series on the new currency online, with special focus on opportunities for media companies.

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