Quality, Accuracy and Longevity

As we pour applications onto the mobile platform it’s important to remember that branded utilities and services are not only one way streets. Restricting them from exploring the collaborative potential of participants and ambassadors means removing a lot of quality, accuracy and longevity from the apps.


    Quality and Accuracy
    The mobile platform is collaborative

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    . Services should take advantage of participants sense- and shareability. Inviting them to create and ad their content to the exsiting core. Our own algorithms can only to such an extent simulate the environment in which the service is needed. Collaboration with other participants can give a much more accurate account and ad increased quality to the service.

    Owners and participants loose interest in their new mobile applications quite quickly (see presentation below)
    . Adding freshness and participatory mechanisms to the application might extend both it’s use and lifetime.

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  1. Interesting post Helge. Why do you think apps are restricted in shareability? Is it a case of designers not thinking through consumer & organizational needs or is it more about the technology not being conducive to sharing?

  2. March 5

    Hi Graham, thanks for contributing :o)

    My very unscientific answer to your question would be that I think it’s just a mindset thing. Right now we are very focused on just producing applications, thinking mainly in the direction of what the company can offer that would create value. It’s just a matter of time before we start seeing utilities asking people to sense and share, we just need to get through the first wave of enthusiastic modeling :o)

    So, it would be a designer-thing. We as “articulators” of strategies and solutions need to see the mobile for what it is: Not a small version of the desktop browser, but a collaborative “cloud”.

    Hope that was helpful. Again, appreciate your comment. :o)

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