Igniters not Interrupters!


Companies and marketers should think of themselves and their content as igniters of conversations, not interrupters.

Discussing the findings in the Microsoft 3 screen Research these last couple of days, and reading the post “Give folk stuff to do together (again)” over on over at Mark Earls. It becomes interestingly obvious that marketing should think more about how to help people do or talk about stuff together

. This gives me two thoughts:

    1. If companies can ignite conversations and action, why do they continue to interrupt them? Is it because of a black & white perspective of advertising, that the only worth value it can create is encouraging a final “SALE”.



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    . Making content shareable isn’t about getting people to forward an email with a URL in it. Sharing content is only the first part of the equation, real value is created when the content ignites conversations

    . According to Microsoft most discussions online are about content, so companies should help people find and share brilliant content that is worth talking about (I am starting to sound like Seth Godin four years ago :o).

In other words, go beyond shareability, create content to ignite conversations, not messages to interrupt existing ones.


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