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In the spirit of Planningness and Adrian Ho’s post on his and Rob’s session for creating the planning tools for new-marketing and new-planning:

    “We’ll get the planners who come to help us create tools for new-marketing and new-planning
    . Then we’ll share them with the community on a wiki for everyone else to use, modify and improve.”
    – Adrian Ho

I’ve decided to share a tool I’ve been meaning to share for quite some time now.

This tool was built together with my former boss, squadron leader of government social collaboration (but a bit digitally shy): Kristin Halvorsen of Objectware. We designed the tool to give us a better overview of the different elements of a scenario/context.

The main idea is to break down the scenario into activities, and then break these activities into actions and these actions down into operations

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. This gives a wonderfully detailed view of the scenario as it plays out and gives us the ability to identify the opportunity for digital services (red markers). In addition we added descriptions, motivations outputs and more to the model so to include a richer understanding of the context, not just the activities themselves.

You can find a bigger picture of the model on my flickr.com profile, or download a scalable pdf of the whole thing.


I apologize for the second page. The example is just written down in order to give a better understanding of the logic of the whole model, not represent the details of an actual case.

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  1. October 20

    Thanks for sharing Helge.

    This definitely helps open a more constructive discussion and an opportunity to dig deeper into the different scenarios to find better insights. If this was used prior to creative brief development I can only imagine how much stronger the briefs could be.

    I often read your posts saying out loud [explicit] he’s a genius. This is just another one of those times.

  2. October 26

    Thank you, I fully agree with your comment. This model works best when applied as a source for insight before writing the brief.

    And of course, thank you for the kind words :o)


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