Trends in Interactive Media

Was given the opportunity today to hold a presentation for The National Consortium of Media Businesses (here in Norway), on the topic “Trends in Interactive Media”.

It concentrated on what is happening with mobility (The five aspects of mobility) and activity (experience design slide 12-17), and how the merger of these two will create tools for the marketer to create much stronger, controllable marketing tools than mere banner advertising ever can

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Ended the presentation with a quote (unfortunately only from recollection) from a Nike Excec

“We are not in the business of supporting media companies, we are in the business of connecting with our customers”.

And urged the industry to invent new and better products for advertisers to invest their marketing money on, as the ineffectiveness of the existing products is not a strong hand when the advertising business will see stronger competition from other digital channels and possibilities.

The presentation is embedded below, if you view it here and press the tab “Comments on page 1 (1)” each slide is supplemented with a comment.