The red or blue pill?

When writing short summaries for up-coming talks I often find myself articulating a broad range of ideas in a very dense space
. Forcing out new ways of articulating and approach my subject. This is one example, for a talk planned at the end of June.

The digital/physical/social behavior of our customers is forcing companies to rethink how they create and capture value

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. New customer demands and behavior is emerging through decades of societal change fueled with rapid adoption of new technologies. Labels are wiped out, competition becomes asymmetric, customers transform into unrecognizable shapes …


Companies are experiencing a complexity gap and are forced to make decisions in a highly unpredictable environment. They have to make a choice and either take the blue pill and continue old practices, or choose the red pill and plumment into uncertainty
. How can they better break down the challenges and gain an upper hand in meeting the near future?

In this interactive conversation we will go through topics like; What Technology Wants, Companies are Designed to Keep Customer Out and Programmable Customer Relationships. To give a condensed but eye opening approach to cornering competition and capture loyal customers – as new behavior, markets and economies take shape

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