Creativity beyond the powerlaws

The core purpose of any brand is to create value
. But at the same time the communication of this value is of equal importance as it is only through communication that participants will be exposed to or experience the brand.

Therefore it is my proposition that the core purpose of any brand goes outside the creation of value and includes communication as well

. I guess this is a no-brainer, but the way the communication part is played out today it seems to be open for new opportunities.

I would claim that a few “powerlaws” dominate when it comes to brand related communication
. These limit the creativity of the marketer to storytelling through the publishing of narratives, creating anticipation before experience

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But looking beyond these powerlaws and exploring how to achieve success through new, unexpected or alternative arenas for communication will benefit brands of today, and be essential for the brands of tomorrow.

Branding isn’t necessarily narratives, and it isn’t “buy”-buttons. It is anything that communicates and creates a value for the brand. What we need now is to bring down the limitations of the powerlaw mindset and start using our creativity on how we communicate the brand.

The future of brands lies just as much in the creativity of the communication as in the uniqueness of their value.

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