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Creating arenas for brands to connect to participants will create the biggest opportunities for media in the years to come according to Jaap Favier at INMA’s Autumn Conference in November.

This ads to the argument that media needs to explore new products for advertisers, giving them the opportunity to establish long term connections with participants

But there is an additional important argument as well. Today’s advertising model is to a large extent driven by the cost of media placement, but in digital this shouldn’t be an issue any more. This opens to meet with participants anticipation regarding the accessibility of the brand, not in limited time slots, but all the time.

Ruby Pseudo points this out (as usual they are pointing out important stuff) in an interview with Amanda Mooney

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    “If you’ve only budgeted 2 months to be available to our community, we’re only going to give you 2 seconds of our time … at best.” – Amanda Mooney


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  1. January 25

    Hey Helge- thanks for checking out my thoughts in the interview with Ruby P. I think this is less about “new products for advertisers” and more of an internal issue. Brands budget for Q1, Q2, campaign X, etc… But we don’t think this way as the public. Think about how bazaar it would be if we had friendships based on limited time slots. We’d switch friends pretty quickly. Anyway, great connecting with you. Looking forward to following your posts.

  2. January 25

    Hi Amanda, thanks for adding your thoughts to the post.
    I think we are both talking about solutions to the same problem.

    One is most certainly that internally companies need to invest time in accessibility, your “time slot” reference is excellent. There has to be people actively participating at the other end of the line, not just a “wall”.

    But at the same time I’m trying to connect this to a larger concept I’m talking about a lot on this blog, and that is the opportunities for the media channels – their need to look outside the banner comfort zone, and explore other products and opportunities.

    And in that case accessibility doesn’t only have to be on social media, marketers need to find their “best format” for “accessibility”.

    Jaap Favier of Forrester said that the future success stories (media channels) are the ones who will be able to facilitate an arena for marketers to connect with their participants. I’m trying to sow some seed in that regard.

    Again, thanks for contributing, and adding more value to the post.

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