Scandinavian Futures 09′


To anyone planning to attend Scandinavian Futures this tuesday

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. Hope to see you there as I am doing a 30 minute presentation on The New Brand Landscape.

This will be an updated version to anyone listening at the INMA Autumn Conference
. I will be taking out almost all of the consumer insight content and adding a bit of the new stuff I’ve posted about on this blog in 09′

. In other words, it will be even more about the new landscape, and less about the customers (as other speakers will cover that to an extent in their presentations).

Haven’t bought a ticket yet? Find one here. Mark will be putting out his valuable thoughts as well.

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  1. January 27

    Good luck on your presentation, Helge. Hopefully you’ll be kind enough to post the presentation for all your viewers to read :o

    Looking forward to your summary and thoughts.

  2. January 27

    Hi David
    Thanks for the comment. The presentation contains a lot of the old stuff, but I was planning to add some sound and do a slidecast with the new parts. Probably this weekend. Hopefully :o)

    Best regards

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