Scandinavian Futures 09′


To anyone planning to attend Scandinavian Futures this tuesday. Hope to see you there as I am doing a 30 minute presentation on The New Brand Landscape.

This will be an updated version to anyone listening at the INMA Autumn Conference. I will be taking out almost all of the consumer insight content and adding a bit of the new stuff I’ve posted about on this blog in 09′. In other words, it will be even more about the new landscape, and less about the customers (as other speakers will cover that to an extent in their presentations).

Haven’t bought a ticket yet? Find one here. Mark will be putting out his valuable thoughts as well.

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  1. January 27

    Good luck on your presentation, Helge. Hopefully you’ll be kind enough to post the presentation for all your viewers to read :o

    Looking forward to your summary and thoughts.

  2. January 27

    Hi David
    Thanks for the comment. The presentation contains a lot of the old stuff, but I was planning to add some sound and do a slidecast with the new parts. Probably this weekend. Hopefully :o)

    Best regards

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