My name is Helge Tennø, I am currently working as Digital Director at Dinamo AS in Oslo, Norway.

In my work I help companies and organizations discover WHY they are valuable in consumers lives, and HOW they can create deliberate value on the everyday arenas where they connect with them.

I believe the goal of digital marketing is two fold…

    1. Social Marketing / Participant Initiated Activities:
    Companies need to get back out into the real world by building real relationships with customers, not imaginary ones. We need to help participants connect, share and ignite.

    “the future of advertising is not MORE display advertising, it is utilizing the mechanics and dynamics of the online conversation in order to create buzz, attention and interest on arenas where we are not interrupting conversations, but contagiously igniting them.”


    2. Services / Branded Utilities
    Our goal is to be meaningful and loved, important and anticipated. We do this by exploring the situations and activities where the company, it’s brand, products or services are meaningful, and we need to ad value to this context.

    “it’s not about interrupting them, telling them how brilliant their shoes are. Its about adding value to the experience, making the running experience better, enhancing it, adding new concepts to it.”

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I believe it’s important to take notice, because the new brand landscape is about earning ownership of the experiences where your products are used and brands are shaped. Losing on these arenas has far greater consequences than loosing out in a standard format banner ad space.

View more presentations from Helge Tennø.

On this blog I try to discuss stuff that fits into or will/should effect the realm of advertising and marketing to this extent.

I also share my thoughts here:

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Any comments or questions, please contact me on helgetenno@gmail.com.

Helge Tennø