Explore New Platforms and Devices

Digital marketing isn’t exclusively connected to content. Although we often want to use existing platforms, sometimes it would provide new and exciting opportunities to explore other devices.

Of course this is what all the big boys do: Nike+ puts a thing into your shoe, Fiat Eco:Drive uses a simple USB-stick and Watson has created its own unique object.


But what about the smaller companies? There should be plenty of stuff out there for them to play with as well.

Just to pick some random small devices to freshen the imagination:
Remote controls, electronic car keys, step-counter, GPS, Safety Alarm (for old people), Tamagocchi. And just wait for the whole world to become connected through “The Internet of Things


There really should be no reason to limit oneself to a browser, an application or mobile. New platforms and devices should become an opportunity, not a hindrance. Let’s think outside the box

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Listen to your utility, explore the situation in which it will be used, and find out just how, and with what, you would become most accessible to the participant at the right moment.


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