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The digital economy will become the outcome economy – outcome as in the quantifiable output the company’s offerings help produce on the customer side. In…

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There has been some local frustration regarding the lack of ambitions on the future of mobile marketing . I’ve been part taking in some discussions…

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Digital marketing isn’t exclusively connected to content. Although we often want to use existing platforms, sometimes it would provide new and exciting opportunities to explore…

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Now, I’m a TikiTag kind of guy, but Violet finally released their addition to the Internet of things, their Mir:ror Unfortunately their price is really…

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New technology invites companies to create, accommodate and capitalize on changes in customer behavior – through new revenue streams or increased customer life time value…

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By downplaying technology’s role in shaping businesses and industries, companies make themselves vulnerable to emerging threats. In this article I try to combine the nature…

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We accept new technology as difficult to use – after all, its just technology. We let technology slip through our fingers, we don’t ask enough…

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Everything human made has at some point been technology. Examples of this are asphalt, waffles, language, pencil, science and the kitchen. Lately we’ve had advances…

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The following text is the manuscript to my presentation The next 80%. View more presentations from Helge Tennø Intro / gap – According to Microsoft…

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The reason large parts of the corporate Internet is boring, difficult and of little direct use / effect is because we are unnecessarily complicating it…

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